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Half a Pig!

Image of Half a Pig!


This is a little over 70lbs of meat, (what a half pig yields after breakdown) and representative of all the major cuts. This is a preset package, no substitutions, no special requests. As a courtesy, Ray will divide it into 2 boxes if you don't have freezer capacity for all of it It includes:
23 packs of regular cut pork chops, 2 to a package
2 boneless roasts (2-3 lbs each)
8 lbs bacon
1 rack of spare ribs
5 lbs ground pork
7 lbs Sweet Italian Sausage
5 lbs Hot Italian Sausage
7 lbs Breakfast Sausage
1 pack trotters
1 pack fatback
1 pack leaf lard
1 bag pork neck bones